July 23rd, 2006

Typhoon =B


The TRAX (http://trax-net.jp/)

Okay, so it's not technically "JRock"; gimme a break.

This group have a slightly unusual history; a rock band started by a talent agency. They joined SM Entertainment a few years back, and were trained and grouped together into the 4-man band we know today.

Each member has a stage name, spelling out the word "TRAX"; Typhoon, Rose, Attack, Xmas. (Whoever's idea that was... probably needs to be shot)

They debuted in Korea, releasing their first single PARADOX; and then joined an expo in the Tokyo Dome to make their Japan debut, releasing SCORPIO in December 2004, written and produced by none other than X-Japan's frontman, YOSHIKI. Known for blazing right in on a new band (eg. GLAY, Dir en grey) and then discarding them, he seems to have since lost interest. :P

TRAX's version of the famous X song "Tears" became a theme for a popular Japanese movie: 僕の彼女を紹介します (boku no kanojo wo shoukai shimasu)

Following up with their second single "Rhapsody" in April 2005, the TRAX's attempt to take Japan by storm was not going terribly well, but they plowed on regardless, bless 'em.

Surprisingly, their foreign fanbase is full to bursting, they are insanely popular overseas, and it's a bit of a mystery as to how they've never really made it big in Japan (yet, anyway)

Their third single Blaze Away was released in September 2005, and the title track became the opening theme for Eyeshield21, a Japanese anime. Despite this, the TRAX still never got their big break in Japan, still playing tiny venues such as Shibuya Eggman and Machida Playhouse.

Since then, drummer Rose left the band, leaving only three members.

Their first full album "First Rain" with tracks written by the likes of Himuro Kyosuke (ex-BOOWY) is due to be released in Korea in July 2006, and a forth single "RESOLUTION" is set for Japanese general release in August.

I'll flesh this out a bit later... I've got work to do! :D

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