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First off, I would just like to make a complaint about TUSK. XD

Vocalist of Zi:KILL from 1988-1994, and also starring in Seth et Holth with hide; Tusk dissapeared off the face of the planet after leaving Zi:Kill. He joined The Slut Banks and worked with them for a few years before joining CRAZE.

CRAZE had a string of hits with Tusk from 2000-2004; but Tusk announced his leaving in August 2005.

CRAZE are set to disband in December 2005 after an eleven year run in the VK market.

TUSK will hereby dissapear again. T_T;

Bastard. Keep your eye on him - he's a sneaky one.

CRAZE were very popular throughout their run as a band, comprising of Ichiro/Cipher (D'erlanger, BODY) on guitar, Seiichi (Zi:Kill) on bass and Tetsu (D'erlanger, Zi:Kill, BODY) on drums.

In 1997, CRAZE's first official vocalist Kenichi Fujisaki (Aion, Meinkamph, justy-nasty) joined them, and they released their first single NAKED BLUE in September of that year, following it up swiftly with their album BE CRAZY.

After the release fo their secind album THAT'S LIFE in November, Kenichi left to join the group "6".

December 1997 heralded the arrival of CRAZE's next vocalist - Toyokazu Ogata (Ash and Majesty).

HEARTS (single) and ZERO (album) flowed out in early 1998, as well as a live album [liv], which was recorded during Kenichi's time, but released after his leaving. They released another album in early 1999, and shortly after, Toyokazu left the band and has since moved on to join tubTRaCK.

August 1999 brought around CRAZE's third vocalist, Shinichiro Suzuki (Soro, Deal). Together, the new line-up released one album before Sinichiro (Blood) left in July 2000.

Eventually, TUSK showed up and joined the band, remaining with them for the next five years, setting a new record for the band. Their first album together was released in March 2001, followed by a complation album THE GROTESQUE HITS. They released one album, two mini-albums and a tour duruing this spout.

May 2005 marked the release of two live DVDs, raking in the top five on Oricon during their first day of release. CRAZE celebrated its 10th anniversary with a four-concert tour during spring and summer that year.

In August 2005, TUSK announced his departure, sadly leaving the band to dissolve in January 2006, after playing their last gig in Shibuya AX.

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