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Ino Head Park ( http://www.inoheadpark.com ) was formed in 2003, when a few of it's members were drinking in the Kichijouji area of Tokyo.

In Kichijouji, there is a park called "Inokashira Kouen"; and... well, Ino are retards. They took the kanji from Inokashirakouen and translated some of them into English; coming out with Ino Head Park. (Kashira meaning Head, and Kouen meaning Park, Ino means Well; so I guess Well's Head Park wasn't so catchy)

Anyway; at that time, Ino had MANY members - many of whom were from JO:YA's (ex-DopeHEADz) solo project. There were 4 main members, and a very large amount of support members. (Something like 6 people XD)

Currently; there are still only 4 main members, plus two or three support members, who have been culled right down over the 2 years since Ino's birth.

The current members are as follows: Lead vocals, JO:YA (Lucide, DopeHEADz [with Heath and Pata form X Japan]); Guitar, SUSSY (SexMACHINEGUNS); MC/vocals, Kazuki/MicMan (Crazy Horse Kameen - an old Support member for SexMACHINEGUNS); and guitar, Takuya (Grimm the Capsule, Kneuklid Romance [Malice Mizer's Kami's old band], and support member for Makoto from Aucifer).

The two current support members are De-hi- (ex-AsiaRave) on bass, and ShiMo-3 (ex-support member for SexMACHINEGUNS). Previous to ShiMo-3, there was Mi2 (bye2regret), who has left; but Ino seem to be holding out some hope that he might return at some point. As well as this, Heath was cited as a support member for Ino's Korea tour, which sadly, never happened.

Anyway; at first Ino Head Park was just a joke band, and their first concert was played on August 31st 2003, during which they played Avril Lavugne's sk8r boi, Limp Bizkit and Rocket Dive by hide. Ino instantly got a lot of fans, and then began to write their own music.

At the time of their first concert, Mi2 (who is a big fan of Slipknot) suggested that they don black jumpsuits and masks, to contradict the hyper pop songs they intended to play. They were an instant hit

After the black suits; they changed to Orange, to distance themselves a little from Slipknot, and have since changed to grey, and have currently settled on PINK, where I think they will stay - at least for a while.

Their first oneman was celebrated on April 9th 2005; Half the concert was perfomed in orange, and half in pink; with heart shaped balloons and streamers.

Their second oneman was October 2nd of the same year, revealing two new members! (sort of!) Ichigoman! Who are in fact Sussy and Takuya wearing Strawberry costumes...

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